the end.

hello there everyone who bothers to read this,

today I have some sad news: this will be the end of my blog.

when I first started this, it was meant to be an outlet of sorts to focus on something else other than my dreadful summer. I hadn’t intended on making a website revolving around the different bucket lists in my life, and at the time I was thrilled! but now, I have lost my love of the sophomore bucket list, and I couldn’t even accomplish the summer one. I’m going to leave this blog up for a while, merely to let people look through it or get some bucket list ideas of their own.

here’s the great thing about this blog’s termination: I am creating a new one.

I kept having this feeling that blogging wasn’t quite living up to the expectations I thought it would. later I figured out it was because I wasn’t blogging about the right things. I intend for this new blog to be a lifestyle blog of sorts, one where I can post my poetry, daily happenings (well, not daily, because we all know how consistent I am), and about things that make me happy. I am still hoping to make summer bucket lists, but maybe not rely on them to keep my blog going.

lastly, I just want to thank all of you that liked my posts, or commented when you found something that intrigued you, and especially the people that followed me. you are all lovely people, and I hope to reconnect with all of you on my new blog (once it is set up of course)!

all my love,

emma jo



hello there, gorgeous human beings!

I am obviously not very good at posting consistently. I meant to post yesterday and say that I was changing my weekly updates to tuesdays, but I couldn’t even do that! don’t get me wrong, I am a capable and intelligent person, it’s just hard to keep up with everything being thrown at me in life. everyone deals with that.

so as you can see, this is not your average bucket list update. I am posting to update you all on everything. how the bucket list is going, how I’m doing mentally and physically, as well as the smaller things.

first off, the sophomore bucket list is going quite well. I think my mom is taking me to get my helix pierced this weekend (#6)!! and halloween is coming up, so I have some opportunities to cross off others as well. 😊 overall, I am happy with how this bucket list is going. the items aren’t getting crossed off too quickly or slowly, and I feel like I will have plenty of time to get everything done. **IMPORTANT UPDATE** I am going to remove #41 which was: (maybe) go to a haunted house. haunted houses and spookfests of the sort are not really up my alley, but I assure you it will be substituted for something just as entertaining… once I think of it. but don’t fret, I will definitely replace it since I am shooting for 50 items crossed off! also, I have been working on my new monthly series, and it is going excellently! I cannot wait for all of you to see this new piece I’m trying. 😁

second matter at hand, my mental and physical health. this is honestly the happiest I have been with my body in a long time. instead of hating on everything I have, and wishing for something else, I am loving myself. truly and completely and more than I ever have. my curves are something I revel in now, and I am taking notice of the way that they are comfortable and cute and attractive all at once. and instead of wishing my body was different, I am appreciating everything it does for me; it allows me to walk and feel and love. what more could I ask for? mentally, though I am in one of the best states when it comes to my body, I have been kind of down lately. I am going to start going to therapy again (a different therapist this time, and a totally new place). and I’m not seeing this as a setback at all. I’m really viewing it as a huge step toward a better mentality, because I was finally able to come forward and admit some of the things that were hard to say aloud. some of the things I’m not ready to share with the big, wide world that is the internet, but I am willing to tell you some so you get to know more. I have been really stressed lately. now don’t start rolling your eyes yet, I realize that many people get stressed, but let me finish. my stress is mostly from school; assignments that I don’t understand and teachers that can’t teach. but it has been taking over my mind, and I have been picking at my face (popping any zit I can find and scratching off scabs). it isn’t easy to control whatsoever. I’m also very doubtful of myself. lack of confidence is what it is for the most part. I am scared that I am not good enough, and I might as well ask my english teacher 4,112 questions to ensure that my topic sentence is perfect. one thing she, and some other students had said to me, built my confidence up a little bit, but I’m trying to make a tower. not overwhelming, but not non-existent. hopefully the therapy will help me in all of those areas, and give me some potential solutions to make everything run smoothly in this head of mine.

I believe that is all for now, but be on the lookout for a post coming on sunday or tuesday.

all my love,

emma jo


(look! I took this super cute picture of my new book and I’m super impressed with myself. 😊)


don’t scold me, I know today is not sunday, but I was actually out of town all weekend (we had a four day weekend due to teacher shit). but I decided I wasn’t going to deprive you from a sophomore bucket list post created by yourself truly!

in case you didn’t know, I am a huge lover of poetry (see #19 on the sophomore bucket list), and I buy poetry books whenever I have the money to do so. rupi kaur just came out with a new book called the sun and her flowers, so I bought it for myself. let me just say, some of the best money I have ever spent was on that book. it was wonderful in all the best ways a poetry book can be. rupi kaur never leaves out anything; no matter how painful, how truthful, how heartbreaking. but she also has poems that are heartwarming, inspiring, and loving. there’s no in-between for rupi, she gives you every piece of her soul and leaves you aching for more. there’s a little something for everybody in the sun and her flowers, whether you just had your heart broken or you’re trying to start over. I’ll post a couple of pictures that she put on her instagram page so you can view them.

I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much healing and heartbreak her poems cause me.

all my love,

emma jo

(p.s. I have to take the PSATs tomorrow, and I’m not totally sure how to feel. I’m not nervous- well, maybe just a tad- but it’s so weird. this is a big step toward growing up and I don’t know if I’m ready for it quite yet.)


homecoming, the night when the music is just a bit too loud, but you’re too happy to care.
so homecoming was absolutely wonderful! our football team won against a team we’ve never beat at our home field before, and the boy that made the winning touchdown in overtime has newspaper articles being written about him all over the place. he’s only a sophomore (so am I, and we’ve got a couple classes together), so it was pretty impressive.

I went to my best friend’s house to get ready, and boy, did we look good! I had a bright orange dress with flowers decorating it in splashes of dark purples and blues. it’s one of the prettiest dresses I own, I absolutely adore it. she wore a sparkly red dress (not the sequinned kind, just the small sparkles woven all throughout).

when we first got there, the cafeteria was practically empty, but that didn’t stop me from dancing to every song. she was a bit more shy, but we got into the groove eventually and danced like there was no tomorrow.

the boy I liked had another date, but that didn’t stop me from having the time of my life with all of my gorgeous friends (I would have put pictures in if I had stopped dancing long enough to take any, just know that they all looked FABULOUS).

though my night ended on sour note, the rest of the night was so good. our boys kicked ass at the football game, I danced the night away, and had a way better homecoming than last year.

all my love,

emma jo

(p.s. my monthly series isn’t going to start until the end of october for the sake of my sanity and organizational skills)

#18 & #28

hello again gorgeous readers!

I have finally figured out a good routine for my blog, and I am super excited to share with you!! as you know, one of the items on my bucket list is to post about more than just my bucket lists (pretty ironic, I know). but I have officially come up with some pretty cool ideas that I hope you all love:

  1. I am going to start a monthly series (I know this is on the list, but I want to make sure that you all know that this is coming up soon). if you guys have any input, since I know many of you guys have monthly series of your own, I would be so grateful if you shared some tips!
  2. I’m also going to start another series called “marvelous memoirs.” I have really been getting into memoirs ever since I finished “the glass castle” (a post coming on that soon!!), and another item on the list was to read some memoirs, I might as well share the ones I read with you!! I am very excited about this series, because I have always loved reading, and memoirs are a whole new thing for me, I wanted to share how I felt about them.
  3. I am going to start posting every sunday (hence this post you are reading now). whether it be a monthly series or a memoir post, I will post EVERY sunday. establishing a routine will make me feel a lot more organized.
  4. speaking of being organized, I am also going to start dividing my posts into their own sections, so you wonderful readers don’t get confused with all of the bucket list posts that I’ve posted versus the ones that I am going to post in the future.

there is the first matter of the list, but I’m not going to completely cross off #18 until I start getting into the routine of things.

#28 on my list was “go to the fair” and I came upon the cutest fair I’ve been to (and the only fair I’ve ever been to). it is the clay county fair held in spencer, iowa. it is actually rated the #1 county fair, the last time I checked, and I saw why when I went! so I made my way over to iowa to check it out, and I had a lot of fun! the food was definitely my favorite part…

this is poutine. french fries covered with gravy and warm cheese curds. my description doesn’t do the food justice. although my stepdad makes this better, poutine is a must try when you go to the fair.

remember all of those times your mom slapped your hand as you tried to sneak a spoonful of the cookie dough before it got baked? “you’ll get samonella poisoning!” well don’t fear, edible cookie dough is here!! this was absolutely fantastic, although it was seriously overwhelming. I couldn’t finish it and I went to bed with a stomach ache. but it was totally worth it. 😉

strawberry smoothie. I know what you’re thinking, I could make this at home, why would I spend $6 on a strawberry smoothie? my response: because it is worth every penny! strawberry smoothies are a savory treat that satisfies your parched mouth on a hot day at the fair. they mix these for the ideal amount of time; you get the crunch from the seeds and the cool, smooth strawberry all at once. 10/10 recommend!

there were also rides at the fair, but I’m not as big of a fan of those as I used to be when I was a kid. I guess I’m more of a rollercoaster fan, but some of them were still really fun!!

the thing I really loved about the fair was that there was something for everyone. food, rides, animals, and even commercial buildings. the buildings with animals were stinky (hey, they don’t have toilets, give them a break), but looking at the baby animals in the barn was the best part. especially the sweet baby pigs. they melted everyone’s hearts. the commercial buildings were also really cool. it had a lot of different things from around the region and local businesses selling things. a lot of jewelry and cooking utensils and many other things.

overall, the fair was the best time and I was so glad I was able to head to spencer for a little bit to check out the best county fair!

all my love,

emma jo

(p.s. you all are wonderful human beings and I thank each and every one of you that take the time out of your day to read my posts and even comment. more posts to come!!)

the end of the summer bucket list


hello there beautiful humans.

I have some really upsetting news, but please bare with me because good news is to come.

my first day of school was on wednesday, but the summer bucket list was not completed before then. therefore, this is the end of the summer bucket list. I have to tell you, though, having all of you guys read my blog and comment made my summer a million times better than it could have been. creating the summer bucket list was started because I was trying to survive the summer, and I couldn’t have done it without you. summer is normally a time where kids have fun and let loose, but for me it is more of a prison. here is all of my love being sent to you through this post. thank you so much.

alright, here’s for the happy news… I have decided to create a school year bucket list!! this might be a little different than the summer bucket list, because I realize that it will be a little difficult to work around homework and after school activities. I am really going to try to complete this list though. my summer list might have been a little more difficult to complete because I wasn’t as motivated, but now that I realize how much effort this is going to take, I really want to put my time into this one.

I should get the list posted sometime within the next week. also, I thought I would ask you guys for any suggestions you had. if you have ever wanted to do something over the span of a school year, but never had the courage to do it, comment. I will add that to my list (not guaranteed, but I will try) and attempt to inspire you to cross it off of your list!

thank you all for the love and support,

emma jo