hello again.

I am writing this at 11:35 p.m. and I really can’t give you a good reason as to why. sometimes words just come to me at night, more often than during the day, and I have to get them out before I go to sleep.

well, let us get to the good part: I crossed another one off of the list! number 22 is to volunteer somewhere. I did this a while ago as well, but I still remember it so clearly. I actually ended up volunteering at a church for their summer program called “vbx”, which stands for vacation bible school x-treme. why they don’t have the letter s in there is beyond me, but it was a lot of fun. I had done it before in previous years, but this was probably the best time I had. the age group I helped with at the church were preschoolers or kids going into kindergarten. it was a really cool experience, because all of these little human beings were looking to me for help and guidance. it was on me and the other volunteers to ensure that they were soaking up all of the verses they were told, the love God has for them, and the stories they listened to. I am not a hard core catholic or christian, but I do believe in God and I pray almost every night before I go to sleep. it was sweet, how innocent these children were, and you could tell that many of them enjoyed how much they were being taught. I guarantee every one of those kids went home and talked to their mom or dad, grandma or grandpa about the love and compassion God has for us (even when they get put in timeout). they learned all of these new things (some of them had never been to church, much less a camp for a church), and I was lucky enough to witness it, and even teach some of it to their eager minds. you could see as they sang on the stage how much they had taken away from just three days spent there. it was a beautiful thing to watch.

my love always,

emma jo


just so you know, I went and edited my summer bucket list a little bit. some of the things I found I didn’t have enough time or money for, but please don’t worry, I have plenty more items on the list to entertain you with!

9. & 24.

hello there lovely people!

I actually did these things back around the beginning of july (when I was in florida). life has been a little hectic lately, so I hadn’t gotten around to posting. anyway, the town we stayed in has a piece of my heart now that I don’t think I’m ever going to get back, but that is perfectly fine with me; it gives me all the more reason to go back! now let’s get the bucket list items crossed off officially!
9.) watch a sunset

I kind of forgot that I watched a sunset. that sounds a little bit crazy, but you’ll understand when you keep reading. we (my family and I) had gotten off the plane in orlando and waited the longest time for our luggage before hopping in our rental car to speed toward our destination. it was three more hours of travel time, we’d get there at about 10:30 p.m. we we’re a little over halfway into our drive when the sun had started to set and splashed these gorgeous colors across the sky.

I had snapped some pictures (obviously, you just looked at them), but when we got to the town, I just forgot about it. we had pizza waiting for us, and so much to talk about with our family members that we were visiting that it just slipped my mind. after looking through my pictures on my recent vacation to north carolina, I found these beauties and thought they were perfect for the summer bucket list!

24.) take a walk on the beach by myself.

we went down to a gorgeous little beach town in florida at the beginning of the month, that left such an impact on my soul. we went to this quiet beach, away from the main beach, and it was so peaceful and the water was a gorgeous blue. the kind of blue that artists would dip their fingers in and cry because it is such a lovely color.

I wanted some time to myself, so I walked away from where my family was sitting and toward some rocks (pictured below) with a book in my hand.

I found the best rock (one that didn’t make me slide off) and curled up into myself with a book. I was reading the problem with forever written by jennifer armentrout. it was a beautiful book and I ended up finishing it right there on that rock.

I ended up with a sunburn, but it was worth it. I got to look up in front of me, in the middle of a sentence, and the ocean was right there. completely tangible, and right then I didn’t ever want to leave.

you always hear that saying, “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.” and that couldn’t be more true. my heart sank on our last night, because it was a new place. a new home away from home. and I didn’t want to go.

all my love,

emma jo

short update

hello again beautiful people!

as you can see, the title of this post is a short update instead of an item off of the bucket list. july is coming to a quick close and you can see by looking at the list, that I don’t have a lot crossed off. that is exactly why I am writing this post. don’t fret at all! life has just been a little hectic lately, so hopefully I’ll get back on track this week. I’m on vacation at the moment at a gorgeous beach, so I have PLENTY of opportunities to cross several off of the list. be looking out for a lot of new posts!

so long,

emma jo


hello there fellow bloggers!

it has been a while once again, but I have crossed another off the list. I went to an art museum!

it was called crystal bridges, and you can find it in bentonville, arkansas. I was there for a short while, and it was a nice town (I think there was probably more to it than I saw, but I really enjoyed it.

(along the shore, william trost richards)

this was by far, one of my favorite paintings. probably because I am obsessed with the ocean, and my happy place is a beach we go to every year. but one thing I really loved about it, was how realistic it was. the texture of the waves. the way the foam spurts up as it crashes against itself. the piece was really beautiful.

(antarctica, richard estes)

this piece I just thought was really cool and gorgeous. if you had been there, no doubt, you would have wanted to reach out and see if that water would ripple beneath your touch. it was that realistic.

(no.210/no.211 {orange}, mark rothko)

this had to have been one of the best moments of that day, because rothko is a very well-known artist and the reasoning behind the paintings he did are so brilliant. I put the description the museum had next to the painting, because it spoke to me. I am not a pro on famous artists and their paintings, but this one was really cool to be able to view in person.

alright, here is the last painting I am going to share with you beautiful people before I finish talking about the rest of my day in the bentonville square.

(landscape, mark tansey)

this one is slightly crooked, but one of the more abstract ones that I snapped a picture of. I’ll let you interpret the painting (with or without the museum captioning, however you please). feel free to share in the comments if you so choose!

so my day was fantastic! I spent the whole day with my sister, and we had a great time together. drinking starbucks until the museum opened, walking through the museum together and getting pictures of the art, and after the museum we walked to the bentonville square. there was the cutest little ice cream shop called “spark cafĂ© soda fountain.” it is in the same building as the walmart museum (which we skipped out on), but their vanilla malts are definitely worth trying! the bentonville library was also very cute. not too big and not too small. as goldilocks would put it, it was just right! they have the best teen room that I have seen in a library thus far. it was a cozy, little circular room with furniture to sit in as you read. bentonville is definitely worth visiting for a small day trip like I took!

our adventure concludes there, but I will most definitely cross some things off within the next week or two.

all of my love,



hello there guys!

I apologize for not writing in a while, but I will have you know that I have finally crossed one off of the list! no lists in this post though, don’t be too disappointed. I went to an outdoor concert (hence the number ten). it was a lot of fun. I have been to an outdoor concert before, but I never really cared about the music, because I was there with friends. this was so much better than those other times. this was a good band that sang my type of songs. there was “absolutely (story of a girl)” by nine days (ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS). another one that wasn’t my favorite, but it was catchy and fun to sing along to was “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” by the proclaimers. and another that I remember is “move along” by the all-american rejects. those are only a few of the songs they sang that I liked.

a really cool thing about this concert specifically is the band played on a balcony and all of us just sat on the grass or set up lawn chairs, and looked up at them in awe. people in bands have that aura surrounding them. they are just automatically cool in my opinion, not just because they are in a band, but because they have a bond with people over music. it’s just really neat.

one of the best thing about outdoor concerts is sitting in the grass, just listening to music. you’re probably thinking that if that is the best thing ever, why don’t I just lay in my yard and play music off of my phone? because concerts have that adrenaline rush, that make me feel empowered in the way that only music- live music- can.

sorry I don’t have any pictures for this, but I will attempt to get some on my next endeavor.

much love for all of you lovely people,


the summer bucket list


hello there all of you lovely people!

today is the day that I introduce you all to my summer bucket list and I am super excited. before I start, I just want to let you know, that this list is a bit of a rough draft and as soon as I edit, add, or remove anything else on the list, I will let you know. this picture I took of my list is kind of low quality, so as soon as I am done explaining how the posts for the bucket list will work, I will type my list out so you can read it.

alright, let’s get this started!

  1. my bucket list is going to be completed before summer is over (I am currently trying to come up with a punishment that I have to do if I don’t complete the whole thing before that time).
  2. there are not specific days assigned to each item on the list, so I will most likely do them out of order and on random days.
  3. I will title the blog posts involving the list as numbers. for example, if I complete #2 on the list, I will simply title it something with the number two; whether it be 2 or #2.
  4. all of my other posts could be in between the bucket lists posts. so, despite the fact that I told you in the first post that I was very organized, this is going to look very messy, but I assure you it will be thoroughly interesting to read about.

finally the part you have been waiting for… the summer bucket list:

  1. leave a note/letter in a library book
  2. go geocaching
  3. go hiking
  4. shop at a flea market
  5. go for a picnic
  6. have a party
  7. have a photo shoot
  8. watch a sunrise
  9. watch a sunset
  10. go to an outdoor concert
  11. go for a bike ride
  12. bake something for the neighbors
  13. find a field of sunflowers
  14. dance in the rain
  15. find and go to a record store
  16. make a disney world/florida trip scrapbook
  17. eat at a taco truck
  18. find and buy roller blades (or skates, still deciding)
  19. go to an art museum
  20. sleep under the stars
  21. go on a goodwill shopping spree
  22. volunteer somewhere
  23. go thrift store shopping
  24. take a walk on the beach by myself

as I mentioned before the list, I could end up taking some of these things of the list or potentially come back and add new ideas. it all just depends on how much money they cost and the availability of each. also, the last two items in bold are ones I just added that ARE NOT in the picture. that is what I will do for any new items. for any that I end up taking off, I will italicize them. and when I complete them, I will do a strike through!

I am so pumped that I have finally shared this with all of you. let the crossing off begin!



introduction to everything

hello there!

my name is emma, and I figured that I would introduce myself before introducing this blog, so here are some things you should know about me:

  1. I really love lists (hence the reason I am starting this off with a list), it might be a bit of an addiction.
  2. organization is one of my fortes, despite the fact that at this very moment my room is a total and complete mess.
  3. I hate capitalizing any words, even the beginning of sentences if you haven’t noticed that already, besides the word “I”.
  4. painting is one of my favorite hobbies (I can already guarantee that I am going to post a picture of something I paint sooner or later).
  5. I am a fifteen year old girl who doesn’t know who I am yet, but I am trying my best to figure it out.

now onto introducing the blog:

  1. this blog is going to be a lot of lists! don’t worry though, they will most likely be WAY more entertaining than this introduction post. since school is almost out, and summer has arrived, I have created my very own summer bucket list! that is a lot of what I will be posting over the summer months.
  2. some other things that I might post about are how I stay organized, summer reads, and courageous things I do to step outside of my comfort zone. and there are plenty more posts where those came from! this blog, and those reading it, will kind of be like a journal, except it isn’t so private.

thank you so much for reading. I really hope that this post was intriguing enough to hold your attention, and maybe even convince you to push the follow button.

much love,